West Coast BBQ Classica

We guess some people decide when summer starts based on some kind of equinox? Or even something like “weather”? Well, we say BS to that because the true indicator of summer is a giant plate of BBQ brisket so tender it drips off the fork, and that’s what you’re gonna get at the Third Annual West Coast BBQ Classic held at Queen Mary’s Waterfront Events Park. Besides the BBQ, there’s bands like Sawtooth and Robert Jon and the Wreck and—for those with bottomless capacities—watermelon- and cobbler-eating contests, but really, why are we here? We’re here for as much BBQ as a human can handle, and then 35% more. Winners of the KCBS-sanctioned event compete for $10,000 worth of prizes, but the real winners are everyone who shows up and goes staggering from plate to plate.

Sat., May 10, 11 a.m., 2014

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