Wendy's Is Selling $1 Unlimited Frosty Keychains Again

Every so often, Wendy's will sell their Frosty chains, those little magical 2D key fobs that get you a free Jr. Frosty with each normal purchase you make. When I was in college, the only burger place we had access to on campus was Wendy's, and the big thing would to be to buy one of those and order fries everyday. The Frosty's would make the perfect dipping sauce.

Well, now the keychains are on sale again.


You can find them at most local Wendy's (call ahead if you want to be sure). Your $1 purchase entitles you to a free Jr. Frosty in either chocolate or vanilla every time you show up for the entire 2015 calendar year. The sweetest part of the deal? 90 percent of the money they make during this promotion goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps place children in the foster care system into permanent homes.

So hey, if you ever wanted to try dipping your fries in a shake, but were too afraid of wasting an entire shake for some reason, here's your chance.

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