Weirdest Thing EVER!

We're flipping through this morning's Los Angeles Times, waiting for Who Killed the Electric Car? director Chris Paine to call. He does, and we have a nice chat, as he's still flying high from a well-received Los Angeles Film Festival screening two nights previous. After hanging up, we go to the Weekly HQ's posh kitchen, heat up leftover chicken and vegan pasta lunch and bring it back to our desk, where we notice that the whole time we'd been talking with Paine, the paper had been open to page C3 of the Times' business section. That whole page is dedicated to an Associated Press story with the headline: “Silicon Valley Races to Develop Electric Cars.” There's even a mention of Who Killed the Electric Car? at the end of reporter Terence Chea's article, which details how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs believe they can do what American automakers could not: create a thriving electric-vehicle market in this country. Incidentally, the Paine interview should be in this next edition of the Weekly–unless we choke on the chicken and vegan pasta.

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