Weekend Updates: Raper-Killer-Flipper; Mouse House Insider Trading; Dorner Un-Lookalike

This may go the way of Pennysaver Ad of the Week and the Orange County Interwebs Horror Show, which fell victim to image and time constraints respectively, but today we launch Weekend Updates, a roundup of the latest on stories that previously appeared on Navel Gazing.


How it works is we'll start with a link to a previous story on a certain subject, so readers can be brought up to speed again, and we'll follow that with a brief update to that story.

The reason we're doing this is because there is no much newsiness in the County of Orange that we often leave ongoing stories dangling in the virtual wind. So now, for as long as we can keep it up, we'll update the stragglers on weekends … when we have collected a few … and reserving the right to bust out individual items immediately as events and interest warrant.

Meanwhile, we've gotta come up with another new column so we can re-purpose Weekly illustrator Jay Brockman's Orange County Interwebs Horror Show logo. Ideas, anyone?

Richard Stanley Sandoval, on Day He was to be Freed from Prison for '85 Rape, Charged with '84 Murder
Update: Sandoval, who is now 61, was sentenced Friday to life in state prison without the possibility of parole for the Sept. 23, 1984, rape and murder of Margaret Lenney, whose body was found on her Anaheim front porch with her pants and underwear pulled down
and her shirt lifted up. Sandoval made an obscene gesture toward Judge Daniel Barrett McNerney as hizzoner read the sentence, prompting McNerney to quip, “I'll consider the source.”

Toby G. Scammell Cops to Using Insider Info to Make Killing Off Disney Acquisition of Marvel
Update: U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero in Los Angeles sentenced Scammell to three months in federal prison, followed by six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring. Scammell was also ordered to pay scammelled broker-dealers $122,494.05 in restitution, which will be deducted from $800,985 in penalties and fines he's supposed to pay to the Securities and Exchange Commission upon his release.

David Perdue Got His Pickup Truck and Self Shot Up by Cops Hunting Christopher Dorner and All He Got Was $20,000 … So Far
Update: Perdue settled his federal lawsuit against the City of Torrance and two police officers for $1.8 million. So I guess we could have updated that original headline to read that all he got was $1,820,000.

If you know of anything new we've missed regarding a previous Navel Gazing story, let us know and we'll try to update it in Weekend Updates. Disclaimer: We're not talking about stories we've missed from the beginning, which we'd prefer to pretend never happened.

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