Website Claims It'll Ship You Two In-n-Out Double-Doubles to Anywhere In the U.S…for $50

In the Department of Too-Ridiculous-to-Be-True-But-It-Most-Likely-Is is this: a luxury-catalog website will ship two In-n-Out Double-Doubles (either classic or Animal-style) anywhere in the continental United States for the low, low price of $50–plus $6 shipping and handling, of course.


“Yes, we are for real,” reads the website for something called Midnight Row. “We'll ship you TWO classic Double-Doubles. Burgers will be frozen fresh and shipped via overnight, express mail.”

Of course, afterwards comes the fine print: “TERMS: We make no guarantees. We will ship with proper refrigeration via overnight mail, but reheat and consume at your own risk. Midtown Row bears no liability for any damages caused by improper handling of these burgers.”

The mind boggles at anyone who actually takes up Midtown Row on this offer (who the hell wants to eat a reheated burger, In-n-Out or not?). But if Midtown Row gets even one sucker to buy in, they're the smartest people on the planet–and I want in

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