WEB EXTRA: Vinyl Resurgence by the Numbers

After spending a little time getting to know some of Orange County's record store owners for this week's article on the vinyl resurgence (click here to read it in its entirety), it's apparent (to me anyway) that we're living in a  golden age for the local record shop. There may be novelty involved in the collection of LPs, but there's a lot of value as well–especially with new releases that include MP3 downloads in the sticker price. The added fact of cool cover art and a large tangible object to cherish sweetens the pot.

And now a wider spectrum of music consumers and shop owners know what a select group of sonic geeks have known for decades, the joys of vinyl.

After the jump: Check out an illustrated time line by Weekly Art Director Laila Derakhshanian of some of the key milestones in the medium's history and the numbers reflecting its popularity.


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