We Nominate Christina Ignatius of Asian Racism Fame for Trump Cabinet Gig

Christina Ignatius (courtesy lawschooltutor.com)

Amazing: an Orange County attorney posting a racist rant against Asians on Facebook.

Amazinger: the swift and stinging backlash against said attorney that said post produced.

Amazingest: the partial scrubbing of said attorney’s bio from her law school’s alumni page and her own business.

Christina Ignatius–who goes by “Tenacious Ignatius” on social media and has since been dubbed “Racist Ignatius”–is an alum of Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law, a former Jones Day attorney (according to her LinkedIn profile) and the founder of Law School Tutor, an online service that helps students pass bar exams.

Her initial Facebook post, which was shared on the Chapman Law alumni group page, used the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians to rail against the Asians who “took over Orange County.”

The post was quickly deleted on the Chapman Law page—but not quickly enough to prevent the Asian-American news site NextShark from retrieving it, reposting it and reporting on it. Here it is:

That post generated such a shitstorm that Tenacious I decided to respond to the response she got.

Warning: It ain’t pretty.

Ironically, shortly BEFORE her initial rice-rocket rant, Tenacious I posted this:

By the time the Orange County Register got to Ignatius, she still was in no mood to issue any apologies, saying, “I’m kind of a silly girl, who is fun and easygoing… My life is not news.” She added that because she “loves” Asians and had no hatred when she wrote her post, her casual racism should be ignored. Um … what?

Ignatius told of having received threats that, and if that really is true it could lead to a criminal case that would be prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

However, the only word out of the OCDA thus far comes from the DA’s Chief of Staff, Susan Kang Shroeder. The Korean-American writes on Facebook to Ignatius, “I am saddened by your racist, insensitive and simply unacceptable post. It’s hard to imagine that an attorney in Orange County would make such an ignorant post in 2018.”

Trying to find out what kind of attorney in Orange County would make such an ignorant post in 2018 is getting difficult. Here’s what you now find on Christina Ignatius’ Chapman University Fowler School of Law alumni biography page: “Grrr … We Can’t Find Your Page.”

And here is the message on her lawschooltutor.com founder’s bio page: “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”

Oh, I did some searching, and I don’t believe the Tenacious one would appreciate what one finds. That is especially true if you find her loooooooooong non-apology apology, as “Christina Iggy.” Strap yourselves in, folks:

I believe we have found our next Trump communications team member.

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