We Have a Winner for Bush (Hearts) Putin!

Last week, I asked ustedes to take a picture of the Bush (Hearts) Putin banner hanging on the overpass near the 405 Freeway side of its interchange with the 55. Some people do read this blog, because we have a winner! Ben Dayhoe of the ever-readable Life at the Santiago Street Lofts submitted the winning entry, which you can see to the left. Gracias, Ben–you get a free autographed copy of my ¬°Ask a Mexican! paperback! Everyone else–read his blog, and you can still win a copy: on the other side of the overpass, visible from the 55 South-to-405 South carpool interchange, is another banner that reads “Putin (Hearts) Pinochet).” First person that's not Ben Dayhoe to email it to me at GA*******@oc******.com wins!

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