We Defend Justin Bieber… And Then Make Fun Of Him

When we wear a Pearl Jam shirt, no one notices; but when Justin Bieber wears a Pearl Jam shirt, it makes headlines. 

“Justin Bieber Wears Pearl Jam Shirt, And You Won’t Believe The Photos,” Alternative Nation clickbaited. “Justin Bieber Brings Hippie Chic to the South of France,” Vogue reported. (We’re not sure how Vogue thinks cutoff sweatpants and a band tee is “hippie chic,” but we digress).

It’s less about the fact Bieber wore sweat shorts to the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco (AKA: the world’s most stylish car race) and more about Bieber not being allowed to like good bands. “Let’s be real,” GQ quipped while ridiculing his outfit, “Justin Bieber is definitely not a Pearl Jam fan.”

Bieber isn’t allowed to like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, or Metallica either. In fact, every time Bieber wears a band shirt, he’s heavily ridiculed on social media for being a “poser.” And it’s always the same barrage of unoriginal hater comments: “Justin Bieber doesn’t have the right to wear that shirt!” “He probably can’t even name one song. Or better yet an album!” “I doubt he’s really a fan!”

Bieber is also not allowed to do experimental things with his hair or get tattoos because he’s supposed to remain a 15-year-old with an awful haircut singing pop music. (Wait a minute, are we defending Justin Bieber?!)

We know Bieber has a laundry list of immature public mishaps, albeit exacerbated by his own celebrity, but let’s at least rejoice in knowing he likes good music. And if you’re going to make fun of someone, ridicule them for stupid things they say and not their vintage band tee collection. 

Quotation above via gq.com.

—via complex.com

—via complex.com

—via glamourmagazine.co.uk

—via gq.com.

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