We Defend Barbara Coe!

By now, everyone and their gardener has heard about the letter to recently registered Latino voters warning them of repercussions if they're illegal. No one is quite sure who sent the letter (read the English-language translation here), although the blame game has already begun: Democrats blame Republican carpetbagger (and 34th State Senate District candidate) Lynn Daucher, while Assemblymember Chuck Devore smells a Lou Correa operative, then gives the worst argument in history to support it. The open-borders crowd blames the California Coalition for Immigration Reform 'cause the letter was sent on CCIR letterhead–nevermind that the letterhead was fake and that CCIR head Barbara Coe denies any ties between the letter and her group. Nevertheless, an alphabet soup coalition of Latino groups (MALDEF, LULAC, NALEO, SVREP, NCLR, LHA–but where's MEChA?) sent a letter to US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez asking him to investigate the “naked attempt to intimidate duly registered Latino citizens from exercising their right to vote.” More specifically, they demand the FBI focus its investigation on CCIR and Coe based on them supposedly “circulating letters similar to the one at issue here in subsequent elections.”

I know Barbara Coe. I've been covering her gnarled hate for nearly five years. CCIR members have subpoenaed me, physically threatened me and provided much racist merriment. Take it from me: neither Barbara Coe nor anyone associated with CCIR wrote that letter. For one, the letter sent out to voters was in Spanish–CCIR would never be caught dead speaking that devil tongue. More importantly, the letter doesn't have any of the code words that marks a Coe missive, namely illegal alien savages, cockroaches, INVASION (always in caps), reconquista, and many, many more. Alphabet-soup Latino orgs: drop the witch hunt against Coe; she ain't the one, for once. So who is it? Stay tuned!

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