We Ask Carrie Fisher Some Inappropriate Questions

Famous parents, gifted writer, entertainer, drug issues, Princess Leia, there are a lot of things that Carrie Fisher is known for. With such an illustrious career and a life filled with many highs and lows one might think to themselves, “I wish I could talk to Carrie and ask her a few things about her life that plays out like a movie.” We're right there with you.

In the HBO documentary about her book and stage show called, “Wishful Drinking,” Carrie asked the crowd if they had any questions and they thought she was kidding. Well, she wasn't. And she isn't this Thursday through Sunday (October 25th- 28th) when she is calling upon you to come out ask her whatever you want at the Brea Improv. Her one woman show called “Any Questions?” gives you the chance to ask this legendary lady whatever it is you want to know and just so you know, Carrie won't be holding back. As usual.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We are going to warm you up for your show in Brea. You ready?

Carrie Fisher: I'm absolutely ready! I don't mind any questions. I don't think there are any questions that would bother me. I'm interested that there could be something new asked.


1. It says the show is “no holds barred” but will anything be off limits?

Well not something like, what kind of female hygiene do you use? You know, questions that are gross or tasteless. There are probably some questions that won't be good if they're lame like, did you know Star Wars was going to be that big of a hit? The thing I would draw the line at is something that would embarrass someone else. It should really just singularly relate to me. I'm your man!

2. I happen to share an April 1st birthday with your mom (Debbie Reynolds) and I was wondering, have you ever played an April fool's joke on her?

Just my entire existence! No, really I haven't. I think every other day you do the jokes but to play a joke on that day, it's just too on the nose. A designated day to allow you to play jokes on people? Whatever! That's sad! I don't know who invented it but they really got it to stick. You need to look it up and check out why they picked that day, it's your birthday too! I think it's rooted in something religious. God, I hope it is anyway. [Laughs.]

3. Good call. I'll look it and up and then when someone plays a joke on me I'll drop some knowledge on them! How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Which time? If you read my book Surrender the Pink it starts out by saying, Dinah Kaufman lost her virginity a total of three times. Not because it was so large that it took three times to knock it out but because she thought losing her virginity was supposed to mean something, and it took her three strikes to even remotely feel like she was in the ballpark. So, I lost my virginity when I was almost eighteen years old. You only count the time that it worked.

4. Which of your ex's were funnier in private, Dan Aykroyd or Paul Simon?

Well, I had a much more intense relationship with Paul obviously. Paul could be hilarious and that was great because it was more unexpected. Danny of course was funny. They were both funny in different ways. Danny was funny doing imitations and Paul was funny when he poured wine on the dog's back.

5. OK so this a two parter–what was your drug of choice and where is the shadiest place you ever did drugs?

I don't want to encourage anyone taking drugs but, Opiates. Opiates were the thing that became a problem because they did something to me that I couldn't do to myself. Hallucinogens were more of a teacher. The craziest place? Oh wow. Versailles. I mean again, that would be LSD drugs. Yeah, that's a trippy place. That's all I can remember right now. [Laughs.] I would make a point to do it in some awesome places.

6. Where you really in Versailles or do you just think you were there?

No, I knew where I was in a matter of fashion. I know I was in Versailles. I was with this writer/actor friend of mine and it was very trippy. We ended up being back in Paris. That's a lot of work.

7. What makes you want do a whole show filled with questions?

I sort of had that already in Wishful Drinking. It was the most fun part of my show when I said, “I woke up next to my friend who had passed away in my bed. Any Questions?” People didn't believe me and when they saw that I meant it, they would ask amazing questions. I like entertainment that communicates more, to participate with the audience rather than to just perform and there is this wall. It's a relationship and I just like the relationship to be more intense. You know, conversation is visiting those places that are unexpected.

Thank you for playing along, it's going to be fun at the Brea Improv. Maybe there should be a disclaimer though. Comedy audiences can be pretty brutal.

Potentially you can't control that but it would be nice if people weren't disgusting. That would be the disclaimer. That would be something that would be good. [Laughs.]

Follow Carrie on Twitter @CarrieFFisher, check out her website www.CarrieFisher.com for updates, and get your tickets now so you can ask her whatever you want at the Brea Improv this Thursday through Sunday by calling 714-482-0700 or by logging onto www.improv.com. The Improv is located at 120 South Brea Blvd. Brea, CA 92821.

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