We Are The Ocean Tell Us What They Really Think of Thrice

On tour supporting their second album, Go Now and Live, We are the Ocean are on the verge–of everything. The British band, made up of Dan Brown (lead vocals), Liam Cromby (guitar / vocals), Jack Spence
(bass), Alfie Scully (guitar/vocals) and Tom Whittaker (drums) just broke the UK top 10 rock chart, and they're swinging by Chain Reaction this Sunday at 7 p.m. (WIN TICKETS HERE!) We talk to Dan Brown about their music and their downtime after the jump.


OC Weekly: Where's your name from?
Dan Brown: It was taken from my email address at the time. We were pretty young, we just thought it sounded awesome.

Who are your musical yardsticks?
Bands like Foo Fighters, Green Day, Gaslight Anthem are big influences
for me personally. They're massive rock bands who have huge mainstream
following but are also still really credible and doing what they love.

Thrice are our local heroes…what was it like working with the same producer as them on your debut? Do you like Thrice?
I love Thrice! We actually toured with them once in the UK so that was a
real honour [sic in America!] for us. Working with Brian McTernan on our first record was
quite overwhelming, we felt like we weren't good enough to be there. We
were still teenagers and had only been a band for around two years so it was
pretty surreal to already be recording our debut album in the States
with a great producer.

What do you guys do in your downtime?
I like to spend time with my girlfriend. We eat out a lot. I like to
walk my dog and listen to music. Other than that we don't have much
downtime. If we're not on tour then we're usually in the studio.

If you were introducing your band to new fans, what are the top three WATO songs you'd tell them to listen to and why?
I would probably say “Confessions,” because its quite different to a lot
of our other material, I'd like people to know that we can write varied
songs and don't just stick to one sound. I'd also say “Run Away” because
it's probably my favourite song of our lyrically and “Overtime Is A Crime”
because it's one of our heaviest and fastest songs so it's always fun
to play live and get the crowd moving.

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