Wayne's World Schwing-a-Long

Did you once think you had mono for an entire year only to discover you were just really bored? Then you need more Wayne’s World in your life. For two righteous dudes, “Party on!” used to be their mantra, but when smooth-talking advertising executive Benjamin Oliver tries to bring the boys’ public access program mainstream, they soon discover that the big time can drain the excellence out of even the most choice of situations. Hop in to your Mirth-Mobile, find a babealicious counterpart and make your way to a screening of the 1992 comedy at the Wayne’s World Schwing-A-Long. Party time is definitely encouraged, but remember, if you’re gonna spew, try to spew into a little cup folded inside the cut-off denim vest of one of your burn-out friends. That shit’s not welcome in the theater, okay?

Fri., Aug. 21, 9 p.m., 2015

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