Water Conservation Tips

There's been a loooot of talk about the drought in recent months. Yet it still doesn't seem official to us regular folks because there haven't been any fines, making it easy to forget how dire our situation is. 

According to a recent report from KCRW, each person uses between 50 and 125 gallons of water per day. But, as many people are arguing, agriculture and sending water into the Pacific are the biggest culprits in water misuse. There's not much we can do about that. The report also stated that more than half of water use at home goes to our yards and plants. Here's what you can do to conserve water and ultimately save yourself from the skyrocketing bills that are a-coming:

Kill That Fucking Lawn
Grass is nice and all, but you're not Hank Hill, and letting your lawn go will not affect your self-worth. Instead, you should look at it as a chance to upgrade. You can fill that space with beautiful succulents, cacti and winding gravel paths that will make your neighbors much more jealous than they ever were of your lawn. It's time to let go of that ingrained, white-picket-fence American Dream.

Water Deeply
When you do water outside, do it only once a week—and water deeply. It allows roots to grow deeper, where they'll find more water and stay stronger under dry conditions. Mulching will also keep in moisture.

Shower With a Bucket
Keeping a bucket in your shower is unsightly, but you can find a cute receptacle that will not only catch excess water, but also make your conservation look hip. Collect water while it heats up or during your whole shower if your soap is biodegradable. This water will give life to all those new succulents you just planted.

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