Watch Yourself Being Watched as You Watch Newport Beach Film Fest Trailer

My Bad.

I thought “We’re Being Watched” was the tagline for the latest incarnation of The X Files, you know, like “They’re Out There.”

Actually, for references of this post, “We’re Being Watched” is the name of the campaign for this coming Newport Beach Film Festival (April 21-28).

As in previous years, a freaky deaky trailer keeping with the campaign theme has gone up.

Watch (or be watched):

Created by RPA, which is now in its seventh year partnering with the festival, the campaign is meant to communicate how real life informs what happens on screen and vice-versa, “as film is an exercise in capturing the human experience and the boundaries of human imagination,” explains NBFF co-founder and Director of Marketing Todd Quartararo.

“There is a fantastic opportunity to re-imagine how we perceive reality and our traditional expectation of the way it unfolds before us.”

“Working with the Newport Beach Film Festival affords us the ability to stretch our creative muscles, get inspired by the amazing art form and bring out this brand’s unique personality,” says Scott McDonald, VP, creative director at RPA. “The festival’s willingness to take risks and embrace the unexpected has allowed them to create a true distinction within the hundreds of festivals in America.”

Besides the short film, the campaign consists of print advertising that includes an image of a hypnotic blue iris that upon closer inspection is actually an aerial photo of an island, complete with local piers, boats and beaches.

Like I said, freaky deaky.

Among the publications where the ad will run are Variety, Los Angeles Times and OC Weekly (DING! DING! DING! We actually sold one!!!).

More than 450 films from more than 50 countries will be shown to an audience expected to reach at least 55,000 people, according to NBFF. Tickets are now on sale. Visit for more info.

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