Watch Students Compete for Paid Tuition by Playing Video Games [VIDEO]

It seems like just yesterday that eSports was only a gleam in some Brood War player's eye, but look where we've come. If you work hard enough and have wrists of steel, you can actually be a full-time video game player. No lie. You won't even have to move to Korea. And once competition hits this level, it snowballs as more kids actually seriously train starting at a younger age. With the young talent eSports coming out today, who knows where we'll be tomorrow.


You've got to maintain that talent base, though, and what better way than to let the youngins compete for their college tuition, like Blizzard did just a few weeks ago. Follow along with us as we watch the finals of Heroes of the Dorm, Blizzard's premier collegiate Heroes of the Storm tournament produced with the wonderful (and also very young) people over at TeSPA. What's the stakes? Over $450,000 in tuition and other prizes. (And hopefully a degree for a back up plan just in case the eSports career doesn't work out).

Check out our video of Heroes of the Dorm this weekend and interview with winning team.

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