Watch Rep. Cisneros Discuss Trump Impeachment on MSNBC

On Sunday, Sept. 29, Rep. Gil Cisneros (D-Yorba Linda) went on MSNBC and discussed the Ukraine allegations against President Donald Trump, his recent op-ed in The Washington Post, the latest ramblings of Rudy Giuliani and why an impeachment inquiry against Trump is a good idea.

“The President betrayed his oath to the Constitution, he put our national security at risk by withholding funds to an ally that was engaged in combat against one of our adversaries, that adversary being Russia,” Cisneros said. “And he did this in order to manufacture dirt for a potential presidential opponent in the upcoming general election… This is about national security, and the President was willing to put the United States’ national security at risk for his own personal and political gain.”

If anything, Cisneros is too generous when discussing Giuliani, who seems to be making things worse, both for Trump and himself, every time he goes before a camera.

Click here to read the op-ed Cisneros and six other first-term Democratic Congressional members wrote in The Washington Post.

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