Watch Iceland's Last McDonald's Burger Decay

McDonald's decided to close all of its Iceland locations at the peak of the 2009 recession, but the day before that happened Hjörtur Smárason, a very forward thinking Icelandic man, went and bought one last meal.

What'd he do with it? Inhale it? Savor every bite? Nope. He left it in his garage so he could watch it age. Now, it's been moved to the National Museum, and you can watch it via live stream.

We live in the future.


Check out the live stream here.

So, how's it look after five-odd years? ..Disturbingly edible.

But, before you get all urban legend-y on us, remember that molding is based on humidity and the number of mold spores in the air. When LP did her little experiment in 2012, the McDonald's burger molded right up, while In-N-Out stayed relatively mold free.

That Iceland burger though? I looks maybe a day old. I wonder how it tastes..

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