[WATCH] Explosions in the Sky's 'Be Comfortable, Creature' Video

Explosions In The Sky has a new video from their latest set, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care called “Be Comfortable, Creature.” It was interpreted into a romantic fable by director Paul Logan, who says, “Their music has always been evocative and there's nothing better for me than to put on an Explosions record and daydream. I've written entire scripts inspired by one moment in an Explosions song. as i sat down and the record began my mind immediately raced away.

Each song took me to another world and stirred up a number of ideas and feelings. Then track four came on (at the time there were no song titles), and I immediately saw this creature lost on Earth. As the song unfolded so did the story. I just watched it. It made me remember the fears of growing up, of feeling like an outcast in a small town, of being lonely, of wanting to be a kid again, and of being in love. A couple of months later a few friends and myself went out and over a month we filmed it. It's homemade, personal, and like Explosions In The Sky, heartfelt.”

Watch after the jump.

Be Comfortable, Creature from Explosions in the Sky on Vimeo.

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