Watch BuzzFeed Drink Purified Waste Water from OC's Groundwater Replenishment System

I've learned a lot about Orange County's water system the past few weeks for reasons that will soon be clear, and my favorite part of it has got to be the Groundwater Replenishment System, a facility run by the Orange County Water District to treat Orange County's sewage and turn it into potable water.

It's amazing, turning Orange County's waste into drinking water that is actually so pure, adding Orange County's groundwater to it actually makes it worse (okay, it's complicated. Dissolved minerals are good, and reverse osmosis, one of the processes GWRS uses strips dissolved minerals out.)

Have a problem with drinking toilet water? You're dumb, and this BuzzFeed video after the jump shows you why.


Man, I want to take a tour of the GWRS, it seems so cool. I guess I could always ask..

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