Watch Aziz Ansari Try His First Bánh Mi With Guest Cameo By Jonathan Gold

For a guy who calls himself a sandwich expert, it's a shame that Aziz Ansari hasn't tried bánh mi until just lately, especially since he lives in Southern California. Thankfully, that transgression was rectified in his latest video, Food Club, which was created with Tim and Eric's Eric Wareheim and Jason Woliner, who's directed several episodes of Parks and Rec.

The video sees the trio (plus their “swab”) traveling around Southern California eating more or less everything. In addition to bánh mi from Alahambra, the first episode also includes a nine-course dinner at Wolvesmouth and some late night tacos at Last Call Tacos. At the end of each meal, the “captains” must choose whether to give the restaurant their coveted plaque or burn a plaque on the restaurant's door steps.

The entire video is kind of out there. But hey, if you like that kind of comedy (and there's a cameo by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold!), give it at watch. You can find it after the jump.


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