Watch 3 Japanese Guys Eat at 10 Burger Places in 1 Day

Japanese variety shows are some of the best TV that has ever existed. Wacky, strange, and full of commentary and editing, Japanese shows just offer something that can't be found in American television.

Case in point, this video series created by three Japanese exchange students in LA. They go on an adventure to eat at 10 different fast food burger chains in one day (they're all the one's you'd expect). On the way, they're faced with uncaring, hard of hearing staff, extremely good (or bad) luck, and just plain translation issues.

But what really makes the series — and much of Japanese TV — is the interaction between the guys, whose personalities shine through super clear. The show's wacky, but you end up commiserating with them, full on empathizing. It's a good series.

Check it out after the jump, and make sure to watch everything in the playlist.


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