Washington Post Cites OC Weekly Snitch Scandal Coverage Anew, OC Register Whines

The brutal courtroom beating of defense attorney James Crawford at the fists of an OC District Attorney’s investigator not only made national headlines, it also brought further, rightful attention to the amazing snitch-scandal coverage by our R. Scott Moxley, the reporter who broke the scandal. Nicest of all was the Washington Post, who previously gave us props and knows who the true reporters are in Orange County.

In his story last week, Post columnist Radley Balko gave credit to Mox (along with public defender Scott Sanders) for breaking the snitch-scandal story, and not only quoted his coverage of Crawford’s assault but linked to Mox’s piece. The move (along with proper citation by any news outlet that actually pays attention) isn’t sitting well with folks at the Orange County Register, which has tried desperately to position itself as the authority on the snitch scandal even as it’s had its ass handed to it on the subject again and again. Witness the lame town hall they hosted a couple of weeks ago, subjecting Sanders to a three-against-one scrum involving him against OCDA Tony Rackauckas, one of his underlings, and OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. And then witness the whiny comments left in our review of the town hall left by one Edward Humes, a former Pulitzer Prize-winning Register reporter who’s currently married to managing editor Donna Wares and was brought back by editor Rob Curley to pen a bloviating recap of the snitch scandal late last year in a desperate, obvious ploy for awards. Humes thinks he’s the authority on the snitch scandal despite coming impossibly late to the game and Moxley having never seen him in court—and Moxley lives in a closet on the 10th floor of Central, dontcha know. 

Anyhoo, great job Mox! And Eddie: you’re tilting, bruh…

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