Wasasco: Wasabi-Flavored Tabasco Sauce!

​It exists. Yay! In Japan. Boo. But it can be shipped internationally through Amazon. Yessss.  
From Tokyo-based Rocket News 24
The appropriately-titled WASASCO sauce is made with wasabi from Izu city, an area well-known for its wasabi production. Sankakuya, the Izu-based company behind WASASCO, claims that “just by mixing a dab of WASASCO sauce, you can perfect the flavor of your sauces and seasonings used at home.”
The website suggests adding a bit of WASASCO to soy sauce, Japanese-style salad dressing and mayonnaise, but, as the box label says, “How you use it is up to you!” 


The Japanese sure love Tabasco sauce, dousing the stuff on curry, pizza and instant ramen. They've made their own renditions before, like Yuzusco, flavored with Yuzu sake, along with snacks like Tabasco crisps
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