Was Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Drunk During CNN Appearance On Government Shutdown?

A paranoid Dana Rohrabacher insists that I want him defeated from his comfortable congressional perch, but the truth is that every Christmas I beg Santa for the gift that keeps on giving: the congressman’s re-election.

An inadvertent clown of epic proportions, the Costa Mesa Republican continually provides easy newspaper fodder with mind-numbing, hypocritical rants often fueled by liberal tequila consumption.

With that fact in mind, consider a question asked earlier this month at Wonkette.com by ex-Weekling Rebecca Schoenkopf (a.k.a. Commie Girl): “On Scale of One to Dana Rohrabacher, How Drunk is Dana Rohrabacher in This Video?”

Schoenkopf’s post points to Rohrabacher’s live appearance on CNN to discuss the then-looming federal government shutdown.

The usually scowling congressman is giddy, his eyes are watery and he seems to think everything is funny–like Otis on Mayberry RFD.

Note in the upper right corner of the screen the time of Rohrabacher’s apparent intoxication: 11:22 a.m.

Go HERE to read Schoenkopf’s post and see the CNN video.

Liquid breakfast, Dana?

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