Was Orly Taitz Silkwooded/Breitbarted/Michael Hastings-ed on Her Way to LA Times Interview?

Followers of Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers/Pussy Riot reject Orly Taitz wonder if she was recently Silkwooded/Breitbarted/Michael Hastings-ed.

The dark conspiracies were prompted by a truck rear-ending … oofah! … Taitz as she drove to an endorsement interview at the Los Angeles Times, which was humoring her run for California attorney general.


OC Weekly Orly Taitz archives

As our voluminous archives above indicate, Taitz has been on a losing quest as long as there has been an Obama administration to prove the president was not born in the United States and is therefore barred by the U.S. Constitution from serving as Commander-in-Chief.

Taitz has also run for office herself, usually getting smoked in the Republican Party primaries. The same is likely in store for her as she seeks the nomination for state attorney general.

But because the Times interviews all candidates before printing endorsements, Taitz was apparently invited to make her case for editors on April 2. It was on the way there that her vehicle was rear-ended by a truck, she discloses on her OrlyTaitzEsq.com fun house.

That news prompted GOP the Daily Dose to run the headline “Shutting Her Up? Birther Attorney and Leader Rear-Ended in 'Accident'” over this inflammatory lead paragraph:

Dr. Orly Taitz has been hot on the trail of fraud and fraudulent documents of the Obama regime for years. Could it be that she is getting a little too close to exposing the imposter in the White House and they felt a need to “take her out?”

It might seem another Russian would be higher on Obama's “take out” list. And to be fair, Taitz provides no fuel for the conspiracy fire in her initial post, reporting she was shaken up, refused to go to the hospital and is “fine recuperating at home.”

“Needless to say she did not make a scheduled endorsement interview with the Los Angeles Times,” she writes.

But in the comments below that post, Taitz does indicate she found it odd a CHP officer would not provide her information about the truck driver, explaining she would get that from her car insurance company. Taitz also claims some record indicates she went to the emergency room when in fact she refused medical treatment.

By that point in the comments on OrlyTaitzEsq.com, others had provided far more inflammatory words. Here are some faves among the 72 posted as of Tuesday afternoon:

“Was this an accident or was it a planned hit The Obama gang is probably getting desperate.”

“Soebarkah is desperate. He killed Fuddy. [That's a reference to Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaiian official who confirmed Obama's birth certificate is genuine and later died in a plane crash. See “Orly Taitz Tries to Stop Cremation of Hawaiian Official Who Verified Obama's Birth Certificate.”] ALSO, car bomb killed Michael Hastings. Here's MY THEORY on the Hastings murder: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3057638/posts?page=1#1.

“BE CAREFUL IN LOS ANGELES! Breitbart got killed. Then, LA COUNTY Coroner Technician (Michael Cormier) DROPS DEAD from arsenic poisoning, within hours of his office releasing Breitbart Autopsy Report to the public. Then, Michael Hastings gets car bombed, sending his engine block 150 feet from his car.”

“Was the truck driver SEIU, or Moslem Brotherhood?”

“I'm so glad to know that you're ok, but I'll bet you will be some kinda sore tomorrow. My first thought was to wonder if this was caused by an Obot. Sounds like it could very well have been that. If so, I hope it can be proved. I couldn't help wondering if the truck driver had been paid off.”

“They knew where she would be… I. Call this an act of terrorism and I pray Jesus heal you precious Orly.”

“First Pat Boone gets a warrant issued for not showing up in court (amazing that Obama doesn't have to show up on multiple occasions and NOTHING is done by multiple judges), while on vacation….now this…looks like someone is out for you two…so be careful of your surroundings and keep up the good work.”

“Skeptical me, I think this is no accident but when the truck driver is cited, find out who he is and his attitude, more will be revealed. True, CA has lots of unskilled drivers, driving excessive speeds, but …. like Ms. Fuddy's supposed accident, this one rings untrue.”

“a case of attempted murder if you can tie this peson to some of the obummer crowd….. PLEASE BE MUCH MORE CAREFULL IN THE FUTURE……….. i have been waiting on something like this to happen.”

“The more I learn about this accident, the more suspicious I become. I am stunned that the cop refused to give you the driver's identifying information. That is unheard of! I'm also really glad that you didn't need an ambulance – otherwise, you might have gotten 'arrhythmia' like Fuddy. I lost count of how many people Obama and his thugs have killed, but it's a very high number. Take care, and God bless…”

“She got Silkwooded. Luckily, she survived, unlike Karen Silkwood.”

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