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How much of a Sublime fan are you? Get an original relic from the original lineup: For just $19,000, you could buy the original Sublime tour van on eBay. The seller’s page says it was used throughout their career, shown on album covers and mentioned in songs such as “All You Need” and “Stand By Your Van.” It has Floyd (Bud) Gaugh’s name on the title, but Bradley Nowell’s dad bought the 1986 Ford Econoline extended van for the band. It came into the seller’s hands when Gaugh sold it to him after Nowell died. So what if it’s dented and has two bullet holes (for “ventilation,” the seller’s page says)? It comes with a full-sized mattress for sleeping on the road! From a July 19 Heard Mentality post.



In an effort to capture every last drop of Orange County’s hipster fan base, Fullerton bands Dahga Bloom and My Pet Saddle confirmed yesterday that South County’s psych-rock kingpins, the Growlers, are joining the lineup for their dual record-release show at the House of Blues on July 31. It’s a stellar addition to an already-robust roster that includes Santa Ana’s Free the Robots, Long Beach faves Crystal Antlers, Bay Area band Lumerians and local up-and-comers Cosmonauts. Unfortunately, the Growlers are replacing Audacity on the bill. This is the second major local lineup to hit the House of Blues this month (last one was Rye Douglas Band, the Union Line, Hindu Pirates, Pacific Hurt and Kiev on July 9). From a July 16 post by Nate Jackson.



Huntington Beach’s Fearless Records is putting together a tour—the first since the label started 17 years ago. The emo/hardcore/pop punk label plans to take its bands, including Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Artist Vs Poet and Go Radio, out this fall. From a July 14 post.


OC Weekly’s music blog, Heard Mentality, just launched a weekly review of local releases. If you’re an OC musician or band with something new to offer—vinyl single, full-length album, CD, cassette—we want to hear from you! Send copies, along with any photos and PR material, to Beat Blvd., c/o OC Weekly, 2975 Red Hill Ave., Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. KUCI’s Ned Raggett came up with the column name in reference to a legendary punk-era comp for OC that was called Beach Blvd. in honor of the legendary road. Hence, Beat Blvd.—it’s local without being city-specific. This week, Raggett reviewed the Roman Candles’ release, Read Books/Make Art. The music itself is “the kind of happily self-conscious indie-pop rock that could have just as easily been recorded at home in 1985 as it is now,” but the band’s novel medium (the songs are on cassette tape!) makes it even more endearing.


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