Wannabe by the Spice Girls is Now 15 Years Old–and What the Hell Does Zigazigahhh REALLY Mean?

Happy birthday, “Wannabe!” You are now officially making me feel really, really old.

Here's the history of the song as per Wikipedia:  “Wannabe” was written in 30 minutes–mainly because the group had
already written parts of the song beforehand–in what member Melanie Brown describes as a
“sudden creative frenzy.” During the session, Brown and Emma Bunton came up with the idea of making a
rap near the end of the song.”

And what about zigazigaaaaaah? Where did that come from?
Once again, Wikipedia to the rescue: “At this point the group got very motivated
and incorporated the word “zigazig-ha” into the lyrics. Melanie Chisholm told Billboard
magazine: “You know when you're in a gang and you're having a laugh and
you make up silly words? Well we were having a giggle and we made up
this silly word, zigazig-ha. And we were in the studio and it all came
together in this song.”

More “Wannabe” factoids:

  • Released as Spice Girls' debut single in July 1996
  •  “Wannabe” topped the UK Singles Chart for seven weeks
  • In January 1997 it was released in the United States topping the Billboard Hot 100
    for four weeks, becoming the group's only No. 1 single in the US.
  • By the end of 1997, “Wannabe” had topped the charts in 31 nations
  • It has become the best-selling single by a female group, selling over six million copies worldwide.

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