Waffleholic, Another Waffle Sandwich Shop, Opens in Costa Mesa

Bruxie, look what you have started. These days, if you're not opening an assembly-line pizza joint like Pielogy, then you're opening a waffle sandwich shop, hoping to catch some of the Bruxie magic that has bedazzled our previously waffle-starved populace. Waffleholic Cafe is the newest entry, which follows Bruxie, Iron Press, and Gaüfreé before it.


The website is still in progress, but they've already opened and by the pictures that they've put up, there's pulled pork sandwiches, lox and cream cheese sandwiches, all using waffles instead of buns or bagels.

Only question that remains: how long before someone opens an assembly-line waffle pizza joint?

1661 Superior Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627, 949-391-0003, http://www.waffleholiccafe.com/

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