Vital Tonight @ Prospector: THE TELESCOPES!

Top noisy British shoegaze/etc. band on their first US tour ever! Cannot indicate correctly how good this band was/is/will be and how much you should go. Any fans of Jesus N Mary Chain/Spacemen 3/Loop/Spiritualized/Ride/etc. need to be at this. Telescopes were contemporaries and easily equals but never hit it in the US due to label/bureaucratic bullshit. This tour should be hitting El Rey for like $50 and instead it's cozied up in Long Beach for practically nothing. I can't find anyone else's reviews that adequately adore this band but trust me like hell that you need to be at this, and we'll cut straight to the audio here and here and vid below. Openers Fuxa and LSD and the Search For God at good ol' Prospector!

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