Viernes 13

Long gone are the Skadangolandia glory days at the legendary JC Fandango in Anaheim, but Viernes 13 plays on! The South Gate-born band keeps a loyal following dedicated to their infectious mix of ska, surf and rockabilly. This infernal rag first profiled Viernes 13 (That’s ‘Friday the 13th’ for all you monolingual folks) back in 2002. They kicked ass then with jams like “Johnny Pistolero” and “Gato Negro” and kick ass now as they continue to tear up stages across Southern California. Co-founder Mario Luna and band return to OC tonight with horns blaring and new album Thirteen Rules along for all to skank to with San Antonio’s Piñata Protest sharing the stage.

Sun., May 24, 8 p.m., 2015

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