VIDEO: What Instant Ramen Looks Like In Your Stomach

Some things are probably better left unknown. Buuuut since we happen to be in the knowledge-sharing business, here is what instant ramen looks like in your stomach.

Am I just hungry or does that look kind of good?   

The image comes from a study by Stefani Bardin, a TEDxManhattan fellow who looked at how the how the human body responds to processed versus whole foods by using a capsule that records video in the gastrointestinal tract. AKA the video to pop in at your next house party when your guests just won't leave.  

In her video, Bardin says, “See how the shape of the ramen noodle is still apparent on the left and the handmade ramen noodles on the right are no longer recognizable as noodles, even after two and a half hours? That's because Top Ramen is made to survive Armageddon. Our homemade noodles are made to be eaten.”

Check out the video:

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