VIDEO: What Happened When Disneyland Tried To Change Its Corndog Batter

What can't you find on YouTube these days? While searching for Disneyland videos, I came across a year-old candid interview of Gary Maggetti, Disneyland's food and beverage director, who tells the story about the time Disneyland changed its corndog batter.

He weaves the tale of how, twelve years ago, a well-meaning executive chef “searched the earth for the incredible ingredients that would go into this batter. The right honey. The right cornmeal. The right flour. Everything was coming together perfectly. It was the most expensive corndog batter in the history of corndogs.”

To find out what happened next, you need to watch the video, after the jump.


What he doesn't address, however, are the other reports that the hot dog itself was changed from a 8 inch all-beef wiener to a 6 inch chicken-and-beef mix.

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