Video: Time and Energy Let Their Minds Wander on “Powerslide”

There's a certain type of magic that happens when your brain tunes out behind the wheel of a car. Your hands and feet guide that giant hunk of metal like a pro but there's no question your mind is somewhere else. It's faded back into the dark recesses behind your eyes while you busy your thoughts with, well, other shit besides driving. In the case of Santa Ana duo Time and Energy, the Radiohead-inspired sights and sounds of their new video for “Powerslide” translate into a very similar headspace–where the blur of cold street lights through a windshield morph into specters of psychedelic trees and random memories. It's night driving music for the thinking man (or woman) who's imagination can wonder while their eyes stay straight ahead. Check out the video below.


To accompany the visuals, members Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach deliver 2 minutes and 40 seconds worth or hypnotic loops and crackling drums with Rios' heavily sedated vocals humming through the subtle twists and turns of this moody mosaic of midnight sounds.

It seems like a perfect set up to go from a night drive to Night Dive, the annual culture series at the Long Beach Aquarium happening again this Friday. In the usual Night Dive tradition, look forward to cocktails, food trucks, music from local bands including Time and Energy and DJs spinning in the Aquarium's various galleries. So hopefully the video will entice you to hope in your car and take an adventure to Long Beach–just make sure you don't zone out too much and miss the Downtown Freeway exit. For more details on Night Dive this Friday, click here for the event page.

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