Video: Revisiting Fullerton’s Forgotten Punk Landmarks With Steve Soto

We all know Fullerton is known as the epicenter of early OC punk. Probably because the first big bands to come out of the scene all happened to live there–Social Distortion, The Adolescents, The Detours and The Middle Class. They also lived to raise hell in their hometown at places that any punk under the age of 40 has probably never heard of. Today, Fullerton’s forgotten punk scene is all around us. The venues that reeked of sweat, cheap booze and vomit have new identities. They’ve turned into respectable establishments where people go to worship God and get 2 for $5 fish sandwiches.

In this video, we enlisted the help of Steve Soto, bassist for The Adolescents, to guide us on a ride-a-long tour to visit the buildings that housed the Casbah Recording Studio, a couple historic clubs (one is now a church for Jehovah’s Witnesses, the other is a Burger King!) and the infamous Black Hole–a ramshackle apartment/drug den once inhabited by Mike Ness of Social D. It’s also the subject of one the Adolescents’ biggest hits “Kids of the Black Hole.” Come along and get a piece of Fullerton history you can only learn from the punks who lived it.

Check the video in all it’s glory below. 

Visiting Punk Landmarks of Fullerton, CA with Steve Soto of the Adolescents from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

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