Video Premiere: Beneath the Buried's “All Of Me”

Yeah, most of us have a few bad relationships in our past we'd rather forget. Some of us are just a little more vocal about it. Maybe even a little homicidal. It's okay, we don't judge. We know you're a good person, it's just that the mention of your ex can make you a little feel a little stabby sometimes. If that sounds like you, then Beneath the Buried's latest video might be just the sort of therapy you're looking for.

Today, the band premieres its latest video “All of Me,” off of their forthcoming EP Casket Call (out June 2). Locally famous for creating crushing breakdowns and aggro metalcore mosh music, the band also pair that with a bit of a sensitive side. Meaning that they have a knack for turning the subject of a wounded heart or a bad breakup into a song that will destroy your eardrums beyond repair. In their latest video, they combined throat-shredding angst of a scorned lover with haunting blood-spattering gore, a naked girl, and a shit load of cellophane.


“We got a lot of inspiration from horror movies, and a lot of Dexter,” says vocalist Kevin Beatty. At first glance, it appears that the naked girl who finds herself wrapped in cling-wrap to a steel operating table looks like an innocent victim in the clutches of a knife-weilding psychopath. But according to Beatty, the closer you watch it, the more you begin to realize that she's not the innocent damsel in distress that she appears to be.

“If you watch it a few times, you'll notice little things like newspaper clippings and stuff that gives the vibe that she did something or was doing something for a long period of time and she finally was caught,” Beatty says.

The song itself may fit snuggly into the playlist of the average metalcore fan, chugging guitar riffs, blasting drum beats, a catchy melodic chorus and Beatty's demonic screams a la Atreyu. As the third track to their new EP, it's not hard to tell exactly what Beneath the Buried are going for, a sound which they've had success with in the local music scene for the last several years since forming in 2009. And their latest song is proof that a sound that goes well with crushing beers can also be the remedy for a crushed heart.

“We all dealt with relationships where someone's just totally fucking you over and you gave it everything you had and then it backfires on you…,” Beatty says. “It's just about being able to rise above it. Hopefully not with murder though.” Yes, hopefully not–at least in real life, please.

Check out the video and be sure to go to the band's EP release party at Hogue Barmichael's on May 30 in Newport Beach. Not only will they be redecorating the all ages haunt to fit with the theme of the album (a full-sized casket, zombies, props from the “All of Me” video), Coldcock Whiskey will also raffle off a pair of tickets to Mayhem Fest. For more info on the release party, visit the band's Facebook page.

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