VIDEO: OC Weekly Visits Jason Quinn's Dough Exchange

UPDATE: The last day of the Dough Exchange experiment has been moved up to FEBRUARY 14. After that, you can make your way over to the Fourth Street Market starting February 16 to buy the pastries. Go, eat and throw the bakers a few dollars, the pastries are definitely worth it.

It's been a few weeks now since Jason Quinn switched Dough Exchange over into almost-everything-is-free mode, and it looks like the results have been pretty good. The pastries, which Dave didn't love before, are now near top notch. The Playground's patio, which was normally only full during dinner service, has had a fair share of day-time visitors (which is impressive, given the abysmal day-time foot traffic in the area). And there's no debating more people have tasted their bread.

But how does Quinn feel the experiment himself? Well, watch this video and find out.


The OC Weekly Visits Dough Exchange from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

For those of your who still haven't given Dough Exchange a try, you have until THIS SUNDAY before the bakery disappears into the 4th Street Market. Go and try it out. If you're going to Savor Santa Ana tomorrow, you can even try some of it then.

Now that's convenience.

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