VIDEO: Irvine Co. Sprinklers Water its Parking Lot Even Though, You Know, Drought

Concerned by Southern California's drought, a reader recently Tweeted us video and photos of veritable rivers of runoff in the Irvine Company's Executive Park parking lot caused by their sprinklers. Even though, you know, drought.


Here's the video, along with great commentary:


When contacted about the situation, an Irvine Company representative said it's possible what happened in the Tweeted video “could've been burnt out sprinklers.” She added that the complex's irrigation system, called SmarTimers, has had issues for the past couple of weeks. According to a document by Irvine Ranch Water District (one of their clients, of course, is the Irvine Company), SmarTimers control when sprinklers go on and off depending on weather data, sprinkler type, soil make up, and slope factors, among other things.

“Because the sprinklers only go on when their satellites detect a certain degree of heat,” the Irvine Company representative explained, “timing varies and can be weeks apart.”

She went on to say that, when informed about our reader's concerns, the Irvine Company immediately sent professionals from their landscape department to fix the sprinklers. “We appreciate when people tell us these things so we can get it fixed,” she said.

But the Weekly visited the scene of the gusher the following night…and nothing had changed. Hey, Old Man Bren: seen this recently?

Use some of your billions to invest in better sprinklers, wontcha? My Mexican-in-Chief knows a guy who knows a guy…

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