Video: Getting Caught Up With Slow Learner Before Plugged Into Local

Picking a new lineup of bands and a new venue every month can be a tough exercise, just ask any promoter. But putting together a bill is more than just snatching up quality bands, it's about the dynamic they have between them. The motto for December's line up might as well be “Sharing is Caring.” Each band on this month's bill has members that float around in different projects, have played side gigs in various combinations and are generally freewheeling when it comes to people moving in and out of the band depending on the day.

This week, Long Beach bands the Slow Learner Collective, Pebaluna, the Dovelles and Whiteboy James and the Blues Express bring a collaborative spirit to the last Plugged In before the end of the world…or at least 2012. To get you caught up on what we'll be doing tomorrow at Harvelle's in downtown Long Beach, we sat down with Slow Learner, fronted by singer-songwriter Eugene Owens, to get the basics on his band and watch them bust out a song on the spot. Check out the video after the jump.
For more details for tomorrow night's show at Harvelle's, click here.

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