Video: Douglas and the Furs Surprise the Shit Out of Jack White Fans at the Wiltern

This week, our Locals Only feature highlights the fuzz-tastic fury of Douglas and the Furs. We watched the Anaheim trio pull off a pretty daring maneuver last Thursday, playing a guerrilla-style rooftop show atop a parking garage behind the Wiltern for unsuspecting Jack White fans after the second night of his two-night run at the venue. After coming to White's first show and failing to get back stage, the Furs decided to come back the next night and find a different, much louder way to show their affection to their favorite pale guitar god (hint: It involved a portable power generator from Home Depot).

After watching the live performance of their song “Somethin' Scratchy,” we understand why a group of about 40 blues rock fans who surrounded the band on the video would get a kick out of their Big Muff distortion and drummer/vocalist Jonathan Shively's throaty howl, which bears a slight, uncanny resemblance to White's. If you look close enough when the video pans down to the Wiltern's fire escape and the crowd watching below, you can also see Long Beach's producer-in-residence Ikey Owens (the guy in the V-Neck shirt and black pants who is currently the keyboardist for White's band) pop outside to check out the ruckus. For what it's worth, we're told by the guitarist Douglas McCurdy that they talked to him after their stunt and he was suitably pleased. And to top it all off, no one in the band  went to jail that night. Watch a clip of their ballsy rooftop show after the jump.


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