[VIDEO] Artist 'Hypocritical Gender' Saws Against the Gender Grain

Even in the world of art, where people are expected to go against the mainstream, ladies are still paired with specific mediums. Females do the jewelry making, sewing, and scrapbooking while the woodwork and welding are for the boys. Vanessa Gaston of Hypocritical Gender doesn't like this idea, and wants to change our expectations of women and their craft.


Gaston is not satisfied by going completely to the other side, however, she explores all angles. Just becasue a lady decides to learn woodworking doesn't mean that she can't enjoy the historically girly crafts like needlepoint, as well. Gaston shows how no matter what gender you are, you can go from sawing wood and getting dusty one minute to working with delicate embroidery the next. Check out what Gaston creates in our feature video.

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