Victoria Bailey’s Defines Her Sound as a Country Woman With “Ramblin’ Man”

Although long overdue, a common theme of music in our generation is female empowerment. Between Beyonce’s Lemonade and “Woman” by Kesha, it’s time for women to shine. Along the theme of a strong independent woman is “Ramblin’ Man” by 25-year-old country singer Victoria Bailey, which she recently released in a few days on iTunes and Spotify.

“It’s my first ‘sassy’ song,” Bailey says with a laugh, “And my most country song yet.”

Bailey began writing/performing about five years ago in her hometown of Huntington Beach. “Music was never a plan to pursue. It was just something I was brought up in my household—something that brought me comfort,” Bailey says.

Bailey grew up surrounded by live music, raised by a father who played in various bands. One day she found herself sitting down trying to write a song and was shocked by how naturally it came to her. From there, she realized this is what she needed to be doing with her life.

Bailey began performing at local shows and writing every day until eventually she recorded her first album Dreamer (2014) with her dad and uncle. “That album was literally the first eight songs I wrote in my journal. It was such an awesome experience,” Bailey said.

Bailey experimented with different genres of music that she enjoyed, but she was most drawn to country/folk music. However, her sound isn’t the style you’re thinking of that makes you cringe when you hear it on the radio.

“I’m influenced by a lot of older country and folk music, which is more like storytelling to me. When I recorded Dreamer it was hard for me to align with a genre but the instrumentals and the story influences made it easy to say country/folk,” Bailey says..

After the release of her album, the singer began traveling and performing full time. Her travels throughout the south and the countryside have inspired her to make country music her genre.

“I love taking a spontaneous trip and bringing my guitar and even if I’m just performing in a little bar in the middle of Texas for three people, it’s the most exciting thing in the world,” Bailey says.

Traveling to a town in the middle of nowhere to focus on her writing is exactly how “Ramblin’ Man” was born. Bailey wrote it during a trip to Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneer Town.

“I love the desert so much because my dad lived there so going to it feels like going home,” Bailey says. “I find my most inspiration to write when I’m there, so I packed up and took off to this little motel in Pioneer Town and just started writing.”

Bailey lists “Ramblin’ Man” as “very country” and believes it sets the tone for her next record, which she is currently working on.

“This song is a very strong, female-driven song,” Bailey said. “It is a collection of my own story and the story of the country woman.”

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