Victor Villaseñor, Legendary Chicano Author, to Speak at Fullerton Public Library Sept. 18

Victor Villaseñor is no stranger to these parts, having made many appearances in Orange County over the past 20 years, since the publication of his 1991 classic, Rain of Gold. Everyone hails it for Villaseñor's wonderful telling of his parents' migration from Mexico to the United States, but I still feel it doesn't get enough credit for its portrayal of Orange County during the 1920s–not the Sunkist memories offered by our local “historians” but a truthful recalling of life in SanTana during the era.

If you want to hear about this book and all of Villaseñor's tales, you can check him out this Sunday at the Fullerton Library.

I have the honor of introducing Villaseñor, who's always a great public speaker, talking like the wacky uncle everyone has. It starts at 2 p.m., and more info here. See you there!

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