Vicky and the Vengents

With a large teased bouffant hairstyle that would make Ronnie Spector blush, Vicky Tafoya is the soul and sole female fronting Southern California band Vicky & the Vengents. The band's penchant for leather jackets, black and pink color combinations and '50s malt shop aesthetic shouldn't take away from their creative output: their 2011 debut album Cry Now Smile Later acutely picks up on influences like '60s girl group singers Ellie Greenwood and Mary Weiss from the Shangri-Las, punched up by power chords and garage punk; think Nikki & the Corvettes with Johnny Ramone on guitar. Their recent adoption by Burger Records' baby brother label Wiener Records brings them to the attention of new potential fans, with more chances for appearances across the country. Get to know them at their show tonight.

Wed., June 3, 8 p.m., 2015

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