A punk band that names themselves after an obsolete home movie medium, VHS spits out their caustic rock tuneage, recorded through analog means and sounding akin to an abandoned gloom punk project circa 1988. While their band name VHS recalls 'video home system' tapes (remember those, millenials?) it actually stands as an acronym for Violent Human System, and out of the basement this Seattle group has emerged to bring their dark releases Art Decay, Everything Is Boring and Choking on the Fruit, which you can get on cassette, or— for you non-digital-phobes— through their online Bandcamp page. They'll be hitting up several shows in Orange County, namely tonight with fellow punk analog enthusiasts Bad Antics from Placentia, and The Damn Times from Austin.

Tue., June 30, 9 p.m., 2015

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