Velia de Iuliis, ‘The Riddle of the Universe’

It’s not hard to see the beauty in Velia de Iuliis’ paintings of animals and nature, but her artistic process adds another layer of awe. Her stunning work examines the symmetry and balance of the natural world, so before she puts paintbrush to canvas de Iuliis first arranges the composition of the painting through geometric shapes to orient the subjects, later she renders them in realistic detail and vibrant gouache paint. So the end results are a gorgeously colorful masterpieces showcasing the wild, violent, serene and enigmatic facets of the animal kingdom. de Iuliis’ art is the newest exhibition at Laguna Beach’s Artists Republic gallery in a show fittingly titled ‘The Riddle of the Universe,’ check it out with both eyes open and be inspired by the mysteries rendered within each frame.

Sat., Feb. 20, 12 & 6 p.m.; Sun., Feb. 21, noon; Thu., Feb. 25, noon; Fri., Feb. 26, noon; Sat., Feb. 27, noon; Sun., Feb. 28, noon; Thu., March 3, noon; Fri., March 4, noon; Sat., March 5, noon; Sun., March 6, noon; Thu., March 10, noon; Fri., March 11, noon; Sat., March 12, noon; Sun., March 13, noon; Thu., March 17, noon; Fri., March 18, noon; Sat., March 19, noon; Sun., March 20, noon; Thu., March 24, noon; Fri., March 25, noon; Sat., March 26, noon; Sun., March 27, noon, 2016
(Expired: 03/27/16)

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