Vegetarians Petition For In-N-Out To Make A Veggie Burger

One of the travails of becoming a vegan, as Ari Solomon has found, is that your choices are pretty limited at In-N-Out. The LA-based activist once enjoyed the chain's burgers but can no longer eat them. So in an attempt to make In-N-Out more vegetarian-friendly, he started a petition that calls for the iconic fast-food restaurant to offer a veggie burger. 
He writes on, “I know In-N-Out prides itself on being ahead of the other fast food outlets, so how amazing would it be if vegans and vegetarians from students to A-list celebs and everyone in between could go enjoy a burger?” 
The petition comes in the wake of the news that one of In-N-Out's beef suppliers, Central Valley Meat, was violating animal cruelty laws. When the burger chain discovered this, it severed ties with the supplier immediately.  


Solomon writes that In-N-Out “did the right thing” but that he also believes “it's high time they offer a veggie burger option for customers who don't want to eat animals or just want a little diversity with an environmentally-friendly, healthier option once in a while.” At this time, the petition has received nearly 2,500 signatures. 
One supporter wrote, “Every time I pass an In-N-Out Burger I wish they had another option to their beef Burgers – Lentil burgers would be GREAT! PLEASE -PLEASE – PLEASE make the change In-N-Out – beef's not good for me, the cows, or the planet!!” 
Another added, “I miss eating at In-N-Out and sooo many vegetarians would love this! …Then make a soy milkshake please :)” 
Sorry Solomon and vegetarians, but messing with the beautiful simplicity that is the In-N-Out menu just seems wrong. Order a grilled cheese off the secret menu, if you wish, but starting a rally because you miss your favorite fast-food joint due to your own personal decisions seems like a pretty self-righteous move. 
In-N-Out, keep doing what you do best–and that involves meat.  
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