Vegas Spa Offers Hangover-Killing IVs

Hungover a few days ago? If you did the Vegas trip and had a lot of money, you could have gotten rid of it right away. MGM's Reviv Wellness Spa offers a treatment that they guarantee will rehydrate and re-nutrient anyone right away–an IV straight into the arm.


“Active lives full of long hours at work, excessive exercise, summer days in the sun and enjoying the nightlife all leave you drained,” reads the Reviv website. “ULTRAVIV is formulated to restore hydration, relieve pain and nausea, deliver vitamin B12 and is topped off with an energy booster to get you back to life.”

All for the low, low price of $99.

Headed to CES or the Adult Entertainment Expo soon and curious? Vegas' NBC affiliate's got everything you know in the video below:

Me? I'll be sticking to my bowl of Pho.

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