Vegan Nirvana Opens in Huntington Beach

Scraps was a restaurant that had a bad name but good intentions. The chef was young, but her cooking was always interesting (kimchi-flavored waffles and fried pig ears) even as it was hit-or-miss.

I wrote a review of Scraps a few weeks after it opened. It closed about a year and half later.


Now the location has a new tenant called Vegan Nirvana, where the only ears you'll probably see has to do with corn. But judging by its Twitter account, Vegan Nirvana has a space-alien theme. Yes. A space-alien theme.

There are menu items such as “Deep Sea Meditation” (fried vegan shrimp), “Kingdom of God” (vegan chicken) which is served with “Wisdom Sauce”, and a salad called “Garden of Eden” with “Almighty Dressing”.

Let's hope it develops more than a cult following.

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