Van Tran Tries to Get Gustavo's Vote–HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have trashed Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez mucho over the years, and will continue to do so, as I find her ineffective, too obsessed with her skin color, and hardly the liberal–let alone progressive–that her apostles make her out to be while trashing DREAM Act students. But Loretta is at least harmless and has never been involved in as much shadiness as her Republican opponent this election, Van Tran, a politicians I have trashed even more over the years. I probably won't vote for Loretta this time around, but I'd rather vote for Rocco than Tran. It's pretty apparent, no?

You can imagine my surprise yesterday, then, when I received a call from the Tran campaign asking for my support for their Boss.

I can't even remember what the young woman on the other line was saying, other than her last line–“Can we count on your support…” before I cut her off, began laughing, and asked her to do better research. Seriously? Me? A Mexican who, if Tran's campaign had done the proper research, hasn't voted for a Republican in a partisan election since (I think) ever (instead of voting for the Democratic jokers, I usually vote Libertarian or Green)? Who has written such nasty things about Tran over the years? Who's, you know, Mexican, a group Tran and his Trannies have trashed whenever possible as the GOP's model minorities? Tran wants my vote? HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm sure I'm not the only Mexi yesterday who received such a phone call, which means Tran's machine is working overtime in the delusional theory that they can actually take down Loretta. Won't happen–though the Dems are suffering badly, Mexis are also ready to take holy hell against any SB1070-supporting Republican. And just wait until the Loretta machine paints Tran as the Mexi-bashing, gay-trashing baboso he is…

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